What is Oktoberfest? Germany’s celebrated around the world Oktoberfest, the occasion to which hundreds, no, thousands of guests rush every single year, looking for no particular reason, a party, and obviously, lager.

This was it, the enormous one, the lager impact to end all brew impacts! One of the immense cliches about Oktoberfest is that it is a money cow for the city’s tourism industry, with a few guests booking their housing for the next year’s release even as they withdraw the present year’s merriment’s.

Reasonable rooms are grabbed up fast.  A one-star hotel room in the downtown area can go for 150 euro a night. The high prices of hotels during the festival urges a tourist to book a reservation in advance to save up some extra money for the festival.

The weekends are madly occupied and it is additionally when a ton of local people are in participation. Stay away from the weekends no matter what if conceivable and/or hope to have some early mornings to get a spot in the brew corridors if that is your lone alternative.

The weekends may make for the greatest gatherings, however hit the carnival amid the week, too, for a quieter Oktoberfest encounter and to attempt the exceptional weekday lunchtime nourishment menus a significant number of the tents offer.

Appreciate it in prime seating, as well, and without battling the long weekend lines. Oktoberfest is one of the busiest times of year in Munich, so reserving ahead of time is exceptionally prompted.

To remain nearby to the Oktoberfest activity, book a room close to Munich’s focal train station Mariensquare, the old town focus.

Bayerischer Hof contains a Michelin-featured eatery and is a Fodor’s Choice property.

The Louis Hotel is another close-by Fodor’s Choice inn.

Where to celebrate Oktoberfest you ask?

  • Chicago, IL
  • Denver, CO
  • Hermann, MO

Well, the obvious answer will be Munich, Germany where yearly thousands of people gather to have a time of their life by drinking some awesome German quality beer and liquor.

However, many places in the world have copied the same festival and carved it to their own interest.

The most places and spots used for Oktoberfest are found in USA where you can literally go out for a weekend to celebrate all the fun of this unique festival without going to Munich.

Some famous restaurants around the world also try to appreciate the festival by copying its theme for one day and offering some quality German beer to its customers.

Smoke House Deli (UK), Out of the Blue (India) are just some of the examples of restaurants following this trend.

Chicago has Oktoberfest in stupendous style with more than 25 individual festivals all through September and October.

More than 350,000 individuals assemble yearly at Oktoberfest Denver to commend old Bavaria with a large group of special occasions and exercises that separates Denver from the rest. Hermann, Missouri has a great month long of Oktoberfest festivities. They have a great, fun wine trail among other fun activities.

As far as British people go, they have a special quote related to the festival stating: “One thing the British and the German have in common is the joy of life with a nice beer, so Oktoberfest is a perfect place to meet.”

You can check your towns local listings for some type of an Oktoberfest celebration all throughout the month of October.  Such a fun month to enjoy.

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