About Me

Hi. My name is Julie. I haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list. (Famous words by Susan Sontag). Travel is my passion. I love motorcycling, martini’s and photography!


I know we all have places we want to go. Where are your top 5?

Me – New Zealand, Australia, Bora Bora, Germany and Austria. Those definitely top my list.

I believe I have been to every state in the U.S., but places I haven’t been very long and would love to explore, would have to be New York, California, Georgia, and would love to revisit Hawaii. 

My articles are about places I’ve been and places I want to go, see and explore. 

I like to travel by car and motorcycle. There is nothing more fun, then to pack a bag and take a road trip or get on the bike and adventure through winding beautiful roads in the spring and fall to places like Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, and Texas Hill Country to name a few. 

There is so little time, and so many places I haven’t seen yet and want to go. Or places I love and can’t wait to return. 

I also love to trek and explore new territories. I love traveling internationally.

I am JUST beginning to start to blog, so I will have daily or bi-weekly blog posts talking about everything/anything travel. Where I plan on going, where I want to go, how I decided to pick my destination and much much more. 

I will review items regarding my travels. Review restaurants, hotels, travel equipment, towns, festivals, you name it. 

I will also share pictures that I have taken on my journeys. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. 

Some of my favorite places I’ve been are Hawaii, the Almalfi Coast, Dublin, Paris, France, Edinburgh, Scotland, and most recently Mykonos, Greece.

This year I will be crossing New Zealand, Sydney, Australia, and Bora Bora off my Bucket List. I will take you on my journey as I prepare for my trips and explore my new adventures. 

I hope you enjoy my experiences as you plan and create your own adventures. 

Feel free to comment or ask me to review or ask me any questions on a particular place you are wanting to explore or learn more about. Please share with me. If you have a place that is just stellar and you want to share, please do. I am excited about my explorations and helpful hints and advice is welcome.

Happy Traveling, 


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