I love these handy luggage cubes I recently discovered. They are great. They have several uses.

Great uses for these storage cubes:

  • Organization
  • Airport
  • Travel
  • Storage

These handy luggage cubes are very helpful to maximize space. I like to put socks and undergarments in one, the hard to find little things that seem to hide in the bottom of my case in another, my jewelry, and the next days outfit in another. They are great for long or short trips. You can get a lot of items in each bag. They come in several fun and striking colors.

I used to separate items in large plastic baggies, these are much better, keep nicer and are a great new find.

eBags Travel Cubes

eBags Travel Cubes

If you like to organize your outfits by day of the week, like to maximize your space in your travel bag, or compartmentalize your accessories: toiletries and other items when you travel, then give these luggage travel cubes a try. I think you will like them. I’m glad I found them and have added them to all my travels.


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