Every once in awhile a travel product comes along that I just have to share with others. I have recently come across 3.

Silk Jacquard Jewelry Pouch

Silk Jacquard Travel Jewelry Pouch

I love good travel accessories. One thing that I have been looking for is a jewelry traveling bag/case. One that doesn’t tangle your jewelry. I finally found two that I really like. One is very reasonable and a great jewelry holder, the other is a little more expensive, but has more compartments, more space and is just as cute.

The 3rd Travel Accessory keeps your money and credit cards safe, in turn makes you feel safe, which I feel pays for itself.

3 Great Travel Accessories

Silk Jacquard Jewelry Drawstring Pouch –

  • Silk & rayon blend with satin lining
  • 1 center compartment and 8 small inner pockets
  • Drawstring & tie closure
  • Measures approx 6″ at the widest and 4.5″ in height
  • Comes in over 10 colors (my favorite is Orchid)

Silk Jacquard Pouch – 8 little pockets for earrings and rings.

Jewelry Clutch by Lug

  • Features-two soft-lined pockets, two removable zippered pouches, and two outer zip pockets,
  • Ring holder: a clever little padded strap that slides through your rings and snaps into place
  • Necklace organizers: smart snaps on either side of the clutch that hold your necklaces in place
  • Earring holder: a little mesh pouch. 
  • Added wristlet – doubles as a clutch
  • Comes in several colors
  • Very popular and hot right now with many celebrities

Travel Neck Wallet by Winks –

  • Organize your valuables – Each pocket is designed to organize all important documents and money. Fits up to 4 passports and even will hold up to an iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Convenient for men & women traveling, trade shows, government, police, military & corporate badge clearance, amusement parks, concerts, etc. Wear it across your body, around your neck, or hide under your clothes, safe from pick pocketers.
  • RFID blocking – Electronic pick pocketing is a growing threat. Don’t take any chances. Radio frequency shielding material is sewn throughout the wallet, keeping your personal information confidential and your credit cards scrambled from thieves.
  • 100% LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE –  Return the wallet at any time for any reason for a full refund of the purchase price.
  • Quality and Comfort – Made with durable rip stop nylon, high quality zippers, adjustable strap and moisture-wicking breathable mesh 
  • Great purpose – Traveling for all ages. My sister bought one for her son when traveling out of the country. Easy access for him, and peace of mind for her.

So, if you are like me and have been looking for a small, great travel jewelry bag , here are 2 great ones that I use myself and recommend. Also, one great travel wallet, that is great for many purposes: to keep your precious valuables safe and close.

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