A lot of blog posts are just Dear Diary entries, that really are for my eyes only, but every once in awhile I feel they will reach someone and they will say, I know, I get it, yes, that happens to me too.

Don’t most women set a hair appointment (a cut, or a style or a fresh color, etc.) right before a vacation, a reunion, a party, a friends, a daughter’s, your own wedding? You look at your calendar and set it close to that function, party, occasion, because you want your look to be fresh?

Then you get that dreaded text or phone call and your stylist “has to” cancel/reschedule? Has this ever happened to you? It has happened so much to me that when I set my next appointment, I say to myself, well, if she cancels on me, maybe I will have time to get it done before my trip, party, etc.

Who gets the brunt of these calls? Me, yes, actually my husband, because I vent and throw a fit about it each time.

I understand life happens and some things are beyond one’s control, but seriously, maybe my stylist is in the wrong line of business.

Maybe it is a millennial mindset, that it is okay to cancel if “something comes up”.  You are probably saying, get a new stylist. I AM TRYING. I AM working on it.

These next words are to my stylist or any stylist, or ANY person that is in business for themselves who work with clients….

It is NOT okay to continually cancel or reschedule clients. If the client continually cancels, you can or will charge them a fee. It is not okay to cancel or reschedule me and then “punish” me by not getting to me for weeks. You are putting your canceled clients at a huge disadvantage, they had a party, or vacation they were looking forward to and now they are scrambling to figure out what to do. Or even worse go without a very needed and wanted service. You should work earlier the very next able day, or work late, or take these clients on your day off.

I just don’t get it, I know I cannot be the only client who feels this way or has been treated this way. I’m not a hard client to work with. Maybe that is why she feels she can treat me this way? This is horrible customer service. Very disheartening.

If she reads this I would say, you are very talented and I am proud of how you are growing your business. But you absolutely need to figure out how not cancel on clients. I was going to talk to her and tell you/her this just yesterday, but it was the first time she had other guests in her space and I was not given the chance to talk with her privately.

The other thing I was going to say, you are hiring people to work under you to learn from you, but you should hire one seasoned and up to date person who could take your clients that you are canceling on… sorry, I have to cancel on you but I have someone that can do it for you and on your scheduled appointment time.

I am going to see her one last time, as I am trying find someone who has a reputation of not canceling on clients. (She canceled/rescheduled me several times in 3 years. First time, 2 days before a Hawaiian vacation, and 2nd time, 1 day before a trip to Florida). That is when I started to make the appointments a week or more out from vacations or weddings etc. I wish her well and hope she figures it out. I am at a loss.

OMG, I am NOT lying, I am NOT making this up. I said I was going to see her again, guess what? You guessed it, she cancelled on me AGAIN. I will not be seeing her again, but I did text her some kind words of advice. I sure hope she will take them to heart. Wish me luck in my search.

Now, if I still have your attention, want to hear something even more discouraging and maddening? One stylist quoted me $500 for a hair service and $400 for every 6-8 weeks upkeep. I guess I AM in the wrong line of work. This is the Midwest people, this isn’t L.A. or NYC. I will tell you all about that conversation next week. It is an insane one.

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