This is my review of Discovery Lodge in Estes Park, Colorado. This is just one person’s take on this place. I suggest whenever you look for hotels, you should do your research: read reviews, look at sites for such reviews, ask around, and more.

Discovery Lodge

I give Discovery Lodge 1 star out of 5. I will never go back. I do not understand how they received such good reviews? The only good thing about the whole place is the location. It is just a short walk to downtown Estes Park. You can also walk to the visitor center and catch the free trolley.

The Cons were many. The number one reason for not coming back, was the number of bugs in the room. Either maid service leaves the two doors open while cleaning: (there is a front door and a sliding glass back door to every room), or it is just dirty and attracts bugs, I’m not sure. Either way it was gross. I just felt dirty (even after a shower) in that room.

Bug crawling up the wall, 1 of several dozens.

The parking lot was horrible: there were enormous potholes everywhere, and everything was too narrow. The room didn’t seem/feel very safe, the locks on the doors were pretty simple and you could remove the “safety chain” from outside the door.

One of the many potholes

I think some reviews state that there were some upgrades, but NOT our room. Our ceiling was falling apart, our carpet was dirty, our room didn’t have shampoo, conditioner or a hair dryer. For $193 a night we should have had some toiletries and a hair dryer (in my opinion). Also, our room came with a ton of bugs, oh, yeah I already mentioned that.

The ceiling was falling apart all over the room.

Customer service was lacking. Hotel staff never acknowledged you or said hi when you approached them. Also, they sold snacks and drinks in the lobby and they closed at 10:00 PM, I went there at 10:01 and knocked on the door, they looked right at me and ignored me. Yes, you are closed, but one minute? I thought that was extremely petty and rude. But then again, I was a few seconds late to get a snack, so I guess that falls on me.  Live and Learn.

The pictures on their website look 100 times better than reality. So when you read reviews, read all the negative ones, they are more on point, in my opinion.

Again, this is one woman’s opinion, but I will never go there again. I will go back to The Stanley Hotel or my favorite, Silver Moon Inn. I will review the latter, very soon.

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