I love to travel.  There is nothing worse then being around ill-behaved kids while trying to relax on vacation. The last thing I want to hear when relaxing on a chaise lounger with a cocktail in hand is screaming, whining, and/or obnoxious children. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, I just do not want to hear them on my vacation.


Richard Branson has an amazing awesome idea. Adult only cruise line, the Virgin Voyages. As much as I would like to be one of the first on this new concept cruise line, The Scarlet Lady, I will have to wait. I am very curious and would love to take one of these cruises in the future. The Scarlet Lady sounds like a dream come true. With an abundant bars and restaurants, (NO buffets) I love that, and I especially love the idea of an adults only cruise. She will make her debut in 2020.

The Scarlet Lady Photo by Virgin Voyages

The Scarlet Lady Photo By Virgin Voyages

I will keep my eyes and ears open and wait for the first reviews of this amazing, wonderful cruise. I hope to go on one in the near future. Thank you Mr. Branson, I love your idea.


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