We have been in Bora Bora 5 days. It is amazing. I feel like we are truly in paradise.

The water is the bluist of blues. The colors are so beautiful and change with the movement of the sun. Pictures are beautiful but do not do it justice.

The over the water bungalows are over the top. I feel so at peace. I am truly grateful, thankful and lucky to be here. It is a very surreal place. Time stands still.

Could you get bored in paradise? I’m sure if you are not a beach person perhaps, but I don’t know how. There is so much beauty all around. Just lying on a chaise, or watching the sun rise or set makes me feel one with my surroundings, it is so surreal.

I have to ask myself, am I really here?

If you have any desire to come to Bora Bora, read, or heard about it, believe me, it is all true. It is the epitome of beauty, relaxation and paradise.

You have to experience his for yourself. It is truly amazing.


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