We finally got to ride along the Pacific Coast. We went by Crater Lake, it was beautiful as usual, but it was a little smokey, even at it’s altitude. After a lucky switch of wind direction, it cleared and we were able to get a few good pictures. It is very scary and sad how many fires are around this part of the country right now.

Crater Lake

After our stop, we rode on to Crescent City, CA on the Pacific Coast. 
Short sleeve shirt to jackets and gloves in just a few miles. The weather got really cool.
Although it was cool cruising, the wind kept the skies clear of smoke. This allowed us to have a few days of amazing riding.
The coast of Oregon is truly amazing, with gorgeous scenery around every twist and turn of the road, we were able to experience true beauty.
Some of our favorite spots were Face Rock in Bandon and Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach. 

Face Rock in Bandon, Oregon


Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach.

Time to take off the jacket and gloves and ride east past Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens. 
We then looped back to the Columbia River Gorge. Heading back west along the gorge we viewed several truly gorgeous waterfalls. Multnomah and Bridal Veil Falls were amazing.

Multnomah Falls near Portland, Oregon


Bridal Veils Falls

We left the Columbia River and road past Mt.Hood back to Bend. We only had a couople days left before we headed to Sturgis, SD. So we had one hike and one more float down the river before we said goodbye to Bend.


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