Riding the bike trails around Colorado, you have all types of riders. You have your tourists, you have your weekend riders and you have your professionals. There is one thing I believe we all need to have in common, and that is common courtesy. 

I have been researching online and all articles say to tell people “on your left” when passing. I am shocked at how many people pass and don’t say a thing. I always say on your left when passing, bicyclists, walkers, joggers, whomever I pass on the trails. Why is it so hard to say 3 little words? 

Yesterday I was on about a 15 mile bike ride on the trails and many people passed me without saying a word. When people did pass and said on your left, I loudly responded, “Thank you”. When they said nothing, I said, ” How about an on your left”? 

This Live And Learn is for all you riders who don’t say anything.

3 little words could save a lot of headaches, bumps and bruises, or worse….You never know when someone might veer out of their lane, decide to stop and turn, b/c they can’t hear you whizzing by and you won’t say those 3 little words.

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