We had a great weekend. We stayed around the Dillon/Frisco area. Friday we went back up to Dercum Mountain at Keystone. We had to take advantage of their Free Friday Fun Day. It is way cool. You get to go up the Gondola for free (normally $23) and when you reach the top you see the enchanting, breathtaking views over Lake Dillon. I can’t express enough that if in the area, you must partake in this fun, free, activity.

Beautiful views at The Summit of Dercum Mountain at Keystone Resort.

It runs June through September every Friday from 1-7pm. The band plays from 4-7pm. Once you get to the Summit, the Bar and Grill is Open and there are activities for all. It is such a fun and beautiful sight. 

Overlooking Lake Dillon. Gorgeous Views.

Saturday we hiked the Acorn Creek Trail. I can’t say enough how much I love my walking sticks. I think everyone over the age of 20 needs to have a pair of these.

I LOVE these Walking Sticks.

At first, a friend made fun of me for wanting these, but on a long hike and a rocky trail, I handed him one of my sticks and when we got back close to home, he said, sorry I poked fun at you, I WANT a pair. These sticks are so helpful when hiking through rocky trails and when you are going down slippery rocks they are most helpful. I think these are the greatest thing. We had a lot of fun on our hike Saturday.

Acorn Creek Trail is a beautiful trail. A great hike. 

Acorn Creek Trail

Views Around Acorn Creek Trail


As with any hike you need to bring a few things with you. I always suggest, walking sticks, extra water, bug spray, sunscreen and protein/energy bars. It was a great weekend. 

Again, I highly recommend going to Keystone on a Friday afternoon. Listen to the band, have a bite and a drink, or go up a little later to watch the beautiful sunset.  



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