Try not to break down in a small town. The Jeep Dealership in Colby, KS had no sense of urgency, no car or rental car for us to loan OR rent, and absolutely zero sympathy for our situation. 

We called everyday and it still wasn’t ready. 13 days later, it was ready. So we and they thought. I’ll get back to that later.  They didn’t even call us to tell us it was ready. When we called the following day, we were told, yes, it was ready yesterday, no one called you? Geesh, again, TRY not to break down in a small town. 

So we got to the Jeep Dealership (having to rent yet another car to get us there), hooked up our trailer and off we went, back to Colorado. 

We have a Hemi, V8 in our Jeep and should have no trouble hauling a filled Jeep and trailer. This time our trailer and Jeep were completely empty, so it should have been a breeze. We decided to take it easy and drove about 65 mph.

3+ hours later we had to pull over because the Jeep was overheating. When we opened the hood the radiator reservoir contents were BOILING and fluid was pouring out of somewhere? Great. Thanks Colby Jeep.

We had about 65 miles left to our journey, “the” Dealership was closed and the sun was setting, not only was our Jeep overheating, we were both pretty hot (mad p!ssed) actually. 

We let the Jeep simmer and cool down, (us too), for about an hour, added coolant to the reservoir and decided we’d limp home. 

We actually drove about 27-45 mph all the way home. I was behind my husband in the rented Challenger. It so wanted to race, but I had to reign her in and be the chase vehicle, driving behind the trailer with my hazard lights blazing, giving the semi’s and other cars fair warning to go around us. We were not the only one’s going slowly, we were going up the mountain pass.  

The 65 miles to “home” seemed liked hundreds, having to tread so gingerly, watching the speeding giants in my rear view mirror, hoping they would safely get around us. 

The should have been 9 hour round trip ended up being 14 hours. It was after 10:00 P.M. when we got back.

We were so thankful that The Good Lord helped us home safely. 

We woke up in the morning and headed straight to the Silverthorne Jeep Dealership. Their attitude and demeanor was 100% better than Colby.

We decided not to even bother and call Colby Jeep. We assumed they would have responded ineptly and we didn’t want to have to deal with them ever again. 

My next Live and Learn….. why you should buy an extended warranty…. 

Stay tuned to see if we ever get our Jeep back. 🙂


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