Well, we are enjoying being in Colorado although we are still reeling from the car troubles.  We were also expecting company the following day. So after a few days of worrying about the car we just had to make do. Do what we were planning on doing with a few exceptions. So after our long hike and good nights rest, we woke up the next morning and had to unpack and organize our things and get ready for our first guests. (Never a dull moment, always an adventure).

Beautiful view around Frisco.

We were pretty much organized by the time they got there. So Sunday afternoon we just showed them around and enjoyed sitting on the balcony, enjoying the mountains, the trees and the weather. I made a simple dinner and we had a few cocktails, and many laughs. 

Copper Mountain.

Monday we woke up, enjoyed the view, some coffee and breakfast and decided to venture to Breck. We enjoyed the day. We shopped, had lunch, walked, talked, laughed and then went home. We had a light meal, watched Game Night (funny movie) and called it a night. 

Fun Art around Breck.

Beautiful Mountain View in Breck.


Tuesday we had a repeat fun day, but look a long drive (took the long way to Vail). We drove using our friends car.

Great View in Leadville.

We got to Vail for a late lunch and some shopping. We enjoyed seeing an occasional kayaker float by. It was a way fun day. I think we may go back to Vail some time this weekend for the GoPro Games. 

Beautiful Sunny Day in Vail.



Kayakers in Vail.

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