Everyone loves a good road trip, and if you’re in Oregon, you’re already near a lot of great places to take a scenic drive to. Known for lush landscapes and beautiful, natural landmarks, Oregon is a favorite destination for adventurers from around the world. Here are five of our favorite beautiful sites to visit next time you’re in Oregon.


Crater Lake
At nearly 2,000 feet at its deepest point, Crater Lake is known for its vibrant blue color and fresh water that pumps in every year from precipitation and snow melt. Travelers from all around the world visit Crater Lake each year to check out the deepest lake in the United States and the seventh deepest lake in the entire world. Cougars, black bears and porcupines are just a few of the many animals that call this beautiful body of water home. LEARN MORE.

Mount Hood
At more than 11,000 feet above sea level, Mount Hood is one of the most iconic stratovolcanoes in the entire world. First discovered by European explorers in the 1700s, people from all over the world visit the perpetually snowy peak year round to take in the beauty and revel in one of the world’s most unique and scientific wonders. The best part? It’s just a short, hour-long drive from Portland, Oregon’s largest city. LEARN MORE.


Mount St. Helens
Perhaps the most well-known stratovolcano in the world, Mount St. Helens sits between Portland and Seattle and attracts thousands and thousands of people per year to get a glimpse and attempt a climb. In the 1980s, Mount St. Helens erupted in what was later confirmed to be the deadliest and costliest volcanic eruption in United States history. Despite this, adventurers still attempt to climb to the top. LEARN MORE.

oregonCape Lookout State Park
This beloved state park, located less than two hours away from Portland, is a favorite among locals who enjoy fishing, collecting rare coloured sea glass and hiking. An ancient, lush forest with hiking paths provides adventurers with plenty to explore, and after a long hike, jumping in the ocean and seeing huge whales is something everyone looks forward to. Do you have a daredevil in your group? Don’t miss the chance to hang glide at Cape Lookout State park, where you are sure to see some of the most beautiful sites in all of Oregon from a view unmatched by your friends down on the group. LEARN MORE.

Breitenbush Hot Springs
Hidden back in a 154-acre wooded wildlife sanctuary, Breitenbush Hot Springs is a worker-owned co-op that features both spiritual and holistic retreats. Visitors can use the area to meditate, socialize, hike and relax. In addition, more than 50 people call the springs their permanent home and stay at the unique retreat year round. The springs, known for their naturally hot, geothermal waters, were a favorite place of Natives Americans in the region. Looking for a quiet trip? Breitenbush Hot Springs offers personal, solo retreats designed to help people meditate and refresh from the stressors of daily life. LEARN MORE.

Bonus Fun Fact: The movie “The Goonies” was shot in a small Oregon town called Astoria. Cannon beach, with the famous “Goonies” rocks, is a short drive from Astoria. It’s incredibly wide, perfect for long walks, wading in and out of shallow pools and gazing at the formations jutting out of the sea that helped the Goonies on their treasure hunt! Here’s a quick video I found:

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