Nothing beats the thought of an island adventure. Imagine white sand, hot sun, an exotic drink, and the sound of the waves crashing in front of you, while you scan the horizon for whales. This image captures the attention of so many of us. It is the thought of planning, battling jet lag, the language barriers, and other overseas difficulties that often stops many from adding an island getaway to their social media stream.

America may be famous for Hollywood and big cities, but it is also home to thousands of tiny islands. Hawaii’s famous beaches spring to mind but what about the others? Alaska alone has 2,670! Travel enthusiasts love to debate which American islands are the best to visit, and resources abound on trips to Hilton Head in South Carolina, Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, or Puerto Rico. Let’s take a look at three lesser-known spots. These American islands offer beaches, sunbathing, warm sand, and time to enjoy nature, all without needing a passport.

Amelia Island, Florida

Do you love birds? Are you looking for a quiet escape? Then Amelia Island is for you. It contains 40 beaches located along 13 miles of land. Numerous ferry companies provide waterway tours and fishing excursions.  Egans Creek, an animal preserve, offers the chance to see native wildlife up close. Birdwatching is a favorite activity on Amelia Island and many species, including herons, egrets, and owls can be seen while on the water. Amelia Island locals also provide a variety of local art shops, perfect for stocking up on gifts. This location is peaceful, serene, and a great way to add more wildlife photos to your collection.

washington islandSan Juan Islands, Washington

This unique locale is a collection of 172 islands, although four of them are the most popular. If you are an avid biker, you might enjoy Orcas Island. Ride along the trails, climb Mount Baker, and look for whales while racking up the miles on that pedometer.  In the mood to see llamas and sheep? Farms of all kinds dot Lopez Island, including those for the fuzzy mammals and a variety of fruits. Washington’s incredible islands also feature whale watching, lighthouses, and rocky terrain for long walks in nature.

Mount Desert Island, Maine

Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, seafood, how can you go wrong? Mount Desert Island is vast at 108 miles and is home to many wonders. There are forests, mountains, and beaches, all throughout the island, offering many options on one convenient trip. You can spend hours relaxing on the beach, looking for shells, exploring the rocky paths, or listening to musicians at one of the numerous music festivals. Wildlife is another attraction here and includes whales, seals, falcons, moose, and reptiles. Bald eagles are a common sight in this northern location.

Other amazing Island Adventures in The U.S.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

The best island in the U.S. is an excellent destination for families. A beach with 12 miles of clean, white sand and over 250 restaurants to choose from? Golfers will also love the option of over 20 championship style golf courses and can feel safe while with their kids on the beach. 

Nantucket, Massachusetts

The ideal New England getaway lies in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Stroll through historic downtown, marvel at the breathtaking cottage homes, bask in the history the island offers or relax on the beach and just unplug from the world.

Channel Islands National Park

Speaking of unplugging from the world, the Channel Islands National Park is a great place to do just that. These five islands off the coast of California feature incredible ways to be one with nature. National Parks deserve vacation love, and this island will easily make you feel like you’re visiting a new world. 

martha's islandMackinac Island, Michigan

Set on Lake Huron between Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas, Mackinac is perfect for those who love the outdoors. Get your adventure on with sensational hiking and biking trails or explore the lake all day via kayak or boat. If you live in the northern states, this island should be your next summer road-trip vacation. 

Martha’s Vineyard

An island filled with history and charm, Martha’s Vineyard’s natural beauty hooks travelers in year-round. This iconic U.S. destination is well worth your time and money. Explore the old neighborhoods as well as multiple lighthouses

Island getaways can be relaxing and rejuvenating. Traveling within the United States moves your next trip from your imagination to your calendar. America offers many great escapes, including many forgotten islands. Consider exploring a nearby island this year!



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