It’s about a month out from my next fun adventure. I’m looking very excited to go to Colorado.

I’m looking at my list of what I need to do before I go, what I need buy, like I said earlier, last year I was there in June and I couldn’t find a jacket anywhere, I had to order one. Another thing I didn’t bring (but rented was a bicycle). I am definitely bringing my bicycle this time. I like to ride around Lake Dillon and ride to Breckenridge from Dillon and back.

Stop in Frisco and have breakfast or lunch on a patio, or do some shopping.

Much easier on the way back, mostly a downhill ride. Another fun thing to do is get a ride to Vail pass and ride all the back down to Frisco, and on to Dillon, and for a more challenging trek on to Keystone. 

Riding the trails from Copper Mountain to Frisco, you may stop and see these guys.

I am looking forward to venturing out around in Colorado. I plan on taking a few days and will go to Durango, Telluride, Pagosa Springs, Ouray and then going another direction and visiting Salida and Canyon City, Colorado Springs and revisit Garden of the Gods, beautiful countryside/country at every turn.

I’m getting excited writing and just thinking about it. 

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