With water aerobics, water weights, swim gloves and pool shoes may be all you need for your next workout routine.

Ever think of changing your daily workout routine? Ever tire of your everyday run, cycling class, or treadmill cardio workout? May I suggest giving water aerobics (aqua fitness) a try. It is an excellent exercise and on many of your travels you can workout in the hotel pool, or in the ocean.


I’m sure some think it is just an activity for “old ladies” but it isn’t. With ANY workout, it is what you get out of it and what you put into it. Every workout can be easy or tough, depending on your attitude, what you put into it and how you go about it.  Every workout is yours, you follow the instructors lead, then you take it to the level of your liking and abilities.

Tools to increase your workout:

  • Water Shoes
  • Resistance Water Gloves
  • Barbells
  • Resistance Bands

You can also go on  your own time and do your own workouts.  Here is a new one I started using and I can feel and see results. I also have been doing some of these exercises in and out of the pool.

Water Aerobics or Aqua Fitness can increase cardiovascular health, joint health and can increase upper, core, and lower body strength.  It is great for toning the body, is a wonderful overall body workout and it also feels very therapeutic to be in the water. Working out in the water is great therapy treatment for sports injuries, and physical therapy.  Working out in a pool is less stressful on your back, knees, joints and muscles then working out on land.

You don’t have to wear water shoes but I highly recommend that you do.  You can get a much better workout.  You can jump higher and stronger and decrease your chances of slipping.  I find some pools, especially one’s that have painted lanes can be a little slippery and I wouldn’t take a class without my shoes. There are several brands of water shoes ranging in prices, but my favorites are by Speedo and Ryka. Both of these shoes have ties, which give you a little more support. I believe any water shoe is better than not wearing any at all. You can buy some sort of water shoe at most discount stores but I would recommend a pair that you can tie or cinch for that added support.

You can also wear water gloves for a better workout, There are neoprene or webbed gloves. I normally wear a small or medium in everyday gloves, but I like a size large in the little neoprene sport gloves. They give me a better workout and I don’t like them to be too tight  As for hand weights, when you take a class they usually provide them for you to use, but if you aren’t taking a class, working out in your own pool, a lake or the ocean these hand weights are a very good choice.

Water aerobics is a very fun activity. Being in the water is very invigorating and refreshing. Give it a try. Your joints and muscles will be in for a treat. You may want to make this a part of your weekly workout regimen. A friend suggested I give it a a try and now I’m hooked. So if you are looking for a change, I suggest you give it a chance, you may really like it.

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