Besides being the home of our nation’s President and top legislators, Washington D.C. is teeming with history and lots of culture. Many celebrities, lawmakers, and pioneers are proud to call this place home. If you are ever visiting the D.C. area, there are a few places that you absolutely must visit during your stay.

1. The Monuments

This one may seem a bit cliché, but you can’t visit our nation’s capital without visiting its regal monuments first. There are monuments in this city dedicated to every facet of American civilization and displaying some of our nation’s biggest moments and heroes. There is the 555 foot Washington Monument towering over the National Mall, the MLK Jr. Memorial also located on the National Mall, Vietnam and World War II monuments, and also the powerful Lincoln Memorial commemorating our nation’s 16th president. There is history all around you when you enter the capital’s National Mall. They are definitely hard to miss and an important part of American history.

2. Museums And Galleries

D.C. is home to many budget-friendly and free attractions, making it a great place to enjoy with families or even alone. The Smithsonian offers a series of museums, galleries and a zoo that is free to the public. Some of the museums and galleries that are must-sees in D.C. include the American History Museum, the African Art Museum and Gallery, and Holocaust Museum. Other popular sites include the International Spy Museum and the Newseum which features news stories from throughout American history. And, for fans of “The Exorcist,” you can even visit the infamous “Exorcist Steps” located off of 3600 Prospect Street to see and climb the steps from this iconic film.

3. Outdoor Concerts And Festivals

For music and festival lovers, D.C. is home to some amazing festivals and outdoor concerts. The best part? Many of them are free. In the summer, the U.S. Army Band features a concert series called, “Sunsets with a Soundtrack” on the U.S. Capitol grounds during the evenings in the later part of the week. There’s also the annual Memorial Day Concert in May, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and the DC Jazz Festival. There is almost always something awesome going on in D.C. when it comes to festivals and concerts. You certainly won’t find a better musical atmosphere anywhere else.

4. The White House

When you think of Washington D.C., nothing symbolizes the American capital more than our beloved White House. It is an amazing thing to just be able to view it in person, but taking a tour is also a great idea when it is open to visitors. Now this process requires some extensive pre-planning but it is well worth it, if you get the opportunity. You must book a tour in advance and the tours are always first come, first serve.

5. Gardens And Parks

Outside of historic national monuments and informative, interactive museums, D.C. is also home to beautiful, picturesque parks and gardens. Anyone who visits the Lincoln Memorial will also have the opportunity to take in the view of the largest Capitol Hill park, Lincoln Park. This park is of course home to the Lincoln Memorial, but it is also home to the memorial of Mary Mcleod Bethune. The U.S. Botanical Garden on the National Mall is home to thousands of plants from all over the country. It also free to the public. The National Zoo is also a fun, family-friendly attraction that is free to the public and fun for people of all ages.

There are so many things to do in Washington D.C. that it’s impossible to list them all. But one thing is for certain; you’ll never be bored and looking for something to do in this historic city. Looking for last minute deals, look here.



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