More than 20 million people travel to Houston, Texas each year. Are you surprised? Well, considering that Texas (the lone star state) boasts a massive range of geographical features, there is a spot for everyone. Texas is known worldwide for its oversize personality and with good reason. It fits rugged natural wonders, crave-worthy foods, and tragic history within its borders. With over 250,000 square miles, this state seems intent on making the most of every inch.


Many American children remember learning about the Alamo’s gusty battle from the 1860s. Located in San Antonio, visitors can imagine themselves as one of the proud Texans as they wander through the historic fort. Tours are available along with a museum that explains the event that pitted a small band of Americans against an oversized Mexican battalion for 13 days. Houston’s Space Center was made famous to many around the globe thanks to Apollo 13. The must-see stop includes space suits, rockets, moon rocks, and plenty of chances to step inside an astronauts’ life. For over twenty years, the Space Center has helped visitors learn and appreciate the hard work of our space explorers.


This is the most significant cattle producer in our country, so its popular dishes may not appeal to vegetarians. Texas’s state food is chili con carne and famously omits any beans. Chicken fried steak is a typical Southern dish, but you can find many versions here. Barbeque, ribs, breakfast tacos, you will not go hungry while you are in Texas. And to wash it all down? A margarita or Dr Pepper is the answer! Food is a huge reason to visit Texas. They are famous for their meaty entrees and indulgent dishes, while Waco is home to the Dr Pepper drink. Luckily, you have as many activity choices to burn off the calories as there are restaurants to sample.


Texas features 100 national and state parks. Outsized personality, remember? Garner State Park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and Big Bend Park are just three of the most popular locations. Garner State Park offers swimming, water sports, and riverside camping. If you enjoy dancing, join the crowds at the concession’s jukebox where many have flocked for more than seventy years. The Guadalupe Mountains National Park is home to McKittrick Canyon, desert terrain, and dunes. Guadalupe Peak is the highest in the state, and the area is rich with salt flats and other geographical finds. Wildlife is common, and visitors may see more than a dozen species of bats. Big Bend National Park showcases fossils found in the area. The Fossil Discovery Center highlights finds from over 130 million years. It is home to more than 1,000 plant species and contains a multitude of wildlife.

America’s second-largest state may have had a reputation for slow talking cowboys and dusty rodeos. However, It is a booming hotspot for visitors from around the globe and features dozens of unique ways to escape your daily routine. Whether, a foodie, nature lover, or an active family, Texas is a great destination.

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