Father’s Day is coming. It will be here before you know it. Need some gift ideas for Dad? I’ve been thinking about that too. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th.

Gift Ideas For Dad

Here are 10 great gift ideas for Dad. Some are common, some not so common. Do you always get your dad the same thing every year? Want to try something new? Well, maybe one of these ideas will spark an idea for dear old Dad.

Gift Ideas For Dad

  • Key chain with a picture of the grandkids
  • Tools
  • BBQ
  • Lawn Art
  • Favorite Team Tickets or Memorabilia
  • Supplies for his hobby
  • Gift Card – Amazon, movies, new restaurant in town
  • Golf
  • A short trip with you
  • Your time and help

Key chain with a picture of the Grand Kids – What could be more sweet then a key chain with a personable picture? A picture of the grand kids, the family pet, a favorite picture or name of his favorite Sports Team. You can browse great designs and make the perfect insert at: GemzByJules.com.

Tools – Tools are good. Maybe something new to try or something he’s been talking about. Tools are always a manly choice for Father’s Day.

BBQ – This could go several ways. You could get your dad a grill, items for his grill, invite him over for a BBQ or buy him a pack of his favorite BBQ sauces, which I think is a cool idea. Don’t most men love things that go along with BBQ? I know my dad does. 

Lawn Art – This is one of my favorite gifts to give and there are SO many options. A bird bath, a stone with his favorite sports team, wind-chimes, stakes with designs on them that can be put in the garden or a potted plant, concrete statues, and the list goes on and on. You can also get most of these at any big lawn and garden nursery. 

gifts for dad

Favorite Sports Team Stuff – Tickets, a jersey, a shirt, (lawn art stone), signed memorabilia, socks, you get the idea.

Hobby Supplies – Maybe your dad likes photography, golf, wood-working, lawn care, sports, whatever his hobby, you can get him something that he can use or when in doubt you can always buy him a book about it.

Gift Cards – Always a good idea. I know my dad likes to buy his own stuff, so I’ve given him Amazon gift cards.  You can’t go wrong. Maybe, you know Mom likes movies, and a certain restaurant. You could get him a movie gift card and/or a restaurant gift card. Dinner and a movie is a great idea. You know the list is endless when it comes to gift cards.


Golf – IF your dad likes golf, this could be a good idea. Get him something golf related or buy him a round of golf in your town, better yet play with him. I bet he’d love that. 

gifts for dad

A mini vacation – If you don’t live near, invite him to visit, if you do, take a mini trip to a game or a landmark you’ve always wanted to see.

Your time and help – Offer to help dad a little extra and spend more quality time with him. Every dad would love this gift.

gift ideas for dad

So whether you get him a cool gift, something he wants or can use, it really doesn’t matter. I’m sure all he wants is to be remembered, thought of and appreciated.

If you live near him, I’m sure he’d love to see you. If not, a card and a call to let him know you care, is what every father wants to hear. So, I hope you can spend time or talk to your dad this Father’s Day. If he has passed, I hope you can think of him fondly and have wonderful memories of him. Happy Father’s Day!

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