Ever dream of sporting some wild hair? Do you ever want to change up your “normal” blonde, brown, black or red locks? Ever feel like wearing purple hair, or blue, or how about crushing a rainbow stripped frock?  It’s, not just an occasional “punk”, or a wild hairstylist sporting these cool doo’s, anymore, anyone can pull these amazing colors off.

Pretty Lavender Doo

Want to know how to do it? You can first find your favorite colors on the web.

Google your favorite celebrity and color of hair for ideas.

Then head to social media and find a stylist who works with vivid colors as a specialty.

You can look on FaceBook and Instagram for a hairstylist that is knowledgeable in this fine art and contact him or him for a consultation.

Gorgeous Green Locks

You could try to do it yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Here is an awesome article that states that the newest thing could be a hair color that changes on one’s mood.

It is not out yet, but is being considered and will get a first look at Paris Fashion Week.

I am excited and interested and will keep you posted when it comes to a beauty salon near you.

Mysterious Mahogany



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