The historical backdrop of breweries and lager in the United States is a rich one going back to the Middle Ages.

From that point brew weathered a Revolution, Prohibition and a right turn at Albuquerque before distinctly exploding with deregulation of the business through the mid-1980s.

From that point forward, Americans have been inspecting, celebrating and sophisticating the informal national refreshment in ways already unimaginable, and it appears to be about each town’s gotten into the running.


Gold Standard Breweries in the Northwest United States:

  • Elysian Brewing, Seattle, Washington
  • Bridgeport Brewery, Portland, Oregon
  • Pelican Pub and Brewery, Pacific City, Oregon
  • Deschutes Brewery, Bend, Oregon
  • Anderson Valley Brewing, Boonville,
  • Russian River, Santa Rosa, California

Elysian Brewing, Seattle

While Seattle and its restlessness might be synonymous with a totally distinctive sort of blend, the city brags a blossoming lager scene that owes its energy to any air of Elysian Brewing.

Established over 15 years prior, this brewpub in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is the first Elysian station based inside the limitless remnants of an old distribution center.

Huge, laid back and loaded with local people, it has 16 taps pouring Elysian’s varied cluster lagers, including Dragons tooth Stout, the fresh and citrusy Zephyrus Pilsner and, best of all, Avatar Jasmine IPA, a fragrant and crisp brew, dry-bounced with jasmine.

Bridgeport Brewery, Portland

Portland is the guaranteed land for awesome lager. Bragging more than 70 microbreweries and brewpubs, also some unbelievable specialty lager driven bars and bars.

One of Portland’s pioneers was Bridgeport, purveyors of a brilliant IPA best intoxicated straight from their clamoring brewpub in the city’s Pearl area. This brewery was founded in 1984. It is a local favorite.

Pelican Pub & Brewery, Pacific City

A standout among the most tremendous spots on Oregon’s tough coastline is Pacific Beach, well known with surfers and gloating especially emotional perspectives of Haystack Rock, as included in the opening scene of The Goonies. This is a standout. It is in a gorgeous setting and a great place. A must visit. The beer is amazing, but the view alone is reason to visit this awesome place. I went to Oregon for the first time this year, and I fell in love with everything about Oregon. I cannot wait to go back.

Deschutes Brewery, Bend

Deschutes is one of the biggest specialty brewers in the US and its prosperity has been based on two lagers: a dark, delightfully adjusted doorman called Black Butte, and Mirror Pond, unadulterated pale beer flawlessness. While the bottling works offer free guided visits, it’s unquestionably worth sliding onto a stool at the Deschutes brewpub, where they serve elite and subtle erratic lagers.

Anderson Valley Brewing, Boonville

Each May, Anderson Valley has the fabulous Boonville Beer Festival. Come take a tour of the Brewery, they give a daily tour. Anderson Valley is acclaimed for Boontling, its own particular dialect created in the late 1800s by locals, who still keep this language alive to this day.

Russian River, Santa Rosa

Encompassed by vineyards in the heart of Californian wine nation, multi-grant winning brewer Vinnie Cilurzo is properly worshiped for the way he has deftly dovetailed the grape with the grain. While maturing his brews in wine barrels, he shrewdly persuades brettanomyces, a wild and rather crazy strain of yeast, to make incredible sharp, tart lagers that have more just the same as sherry or customary juice than routine brew. Enjoy a great beer at their brew pub.

When in the Northwest areas of Washington, California and especially Oregon you should drop by one of these great Breweries, Brew Pubs, and microbreweries.  They are all fun, enjoyable and well worth the visit. You won’t be disappointed.

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