Do you ever bring to much stuff with you when traveling?


I always used to bring way too many pairs of shoes.  I have now  limited myself to 3 pairs.

I always bring a good walking/workout shoe, I normally need a great riding boot, and for the 3rd and final pair which needs to fulfill 3 needs: cute, comfortable and flexible I found in my cute new Crocs.

They look cute with jeans, shorts, and even skirts. I’ve never had a pair of the original Crocs, the ones with the holes and the strap. I have tried them on and they felt extremely comfortable.


I do have a pair of flip flops that I love and now the new one is a version of the flip flop, but it covers your heel. I love this pair. Like I said earlier, Cute, comfortable and flexible to wear with just about anything. Also, they are literally flexible and you can be rough on them. They will fit in just about any travel bag.

Talk about comfort. I used to be it is better to look good then to feel good kind of gal.  No longer, it’s comfort all the way baby.

So next time you are considering what shoes to bring on your next trip, think about bringing along a cute pair of Crocs. They are cute, take up very little room in your carry on, and don’t forget the most import, super comfortable.

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