The spectacular Glacier National Park exhibits one of the most appealing mountain landscapes on the planet. It stretches through Northwest Montana, into the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. Covering a vast area of a million acres, the Glacier National Park owns the reputation of one of the finest national parks in the world and really deserves it.

Glacier National Park

With areas covered by blossoming flowers, lush green trees sprawling across the entire range bounded by a rocky mountainous terrain, the Glacier National Park is indeed the first of its kind in terms of its magnificence and unparalleled natural beauty. With several species of birds, animals, and plants, it attracts tourists in pursuit of adventure and exploration, from all over the globe.


The marvels of this enchanting terrain of mountain land, are approachable to the going to the sun road. A ride through The going to the sun road is a must if you plan on visiting the park. Covering an area of approximately 50 miles, this road offers you a birds eye view of enormous mountains and captivating valleys. A view of the sunset from this road will definitely give you a feeling of peacefulness that you will never forget.

One of the many recreational activities that the Glacier National Park offers, is hiking. Undoubtedly, this land of towering mountains and extensive landscape makes it a hiker’s delight. Hikers can walk through tough terrains and well-marked pathways through a glamorous topography of grasslands and ravishing mountains. Don’t forget to bring your walking sticks.

In this park, more than 1000 species of plants and flowers can be found. Moreover, it is home to approximately 65 species of mammals including:gray wolves, grizzly bear, cougar, elk, lynx and so many more. The diversity of plant, animal, and insect life that is hosted by this park attracts zoologists and explorers all year long.

Winters in this region are perhaps the most dominant and lasts up to 8 months per year. While in winter, the snow covered mountains still provide an eye capturing views, the best time to visit this area is summer because all parts of this park are easily accessible at that time to hikers.

Furthermore, there are more than 1200 campsites in this enormously huge park. The Apgar campground, for instance, is located near the Apgar village and is the highest campground in the region, costing around $20 per night. The Apgar Village offers restaurants, gift stores, shuttle service, boat rentals, and bus reservations.

The facilities offered near this campsite makes it the most frequently visited. This campground is open to campers April through December. Make your reservations in advance.

Glacier National Park is truly a natural wonder, making your trip quite a memorable one indeed. A definite Bucket List Adventure for any hiker or camper.

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