Nestled in lush green hilly areas, Napa Valley is located north of San Pablo Bay, in California. Home to approximately 140,000 people, the valley produces premium quality wine on a very large scale. There are also countless fun things to do in Napa Valley.


Things to do in Napa Valley:

  • Rent a mountain bike
  • Take a hot air balloon ride
  • Visit State Parks
  • Enjoy the many Wineries

Along with enthralling natural wonders and beautiful landscapes, the county hosts luxurious shops, markets, wineries, and food spots that are satisfy even picky eaters. Every year, approximately 5 million tourists visit Napa Valley in pursuit of leisure and mental tranquility.


Established in 1987, Domaine Carneros winery is one of the key tourist spots in the Napa Valley. It brings much joy while sitting outside on the patio, tasting your favorite wine with your friends, while enjoying the alluring topography of luxuriant grasslands spread across dozens of miles, bounded by green mountains. If you just can’t get enough of sipping wine while enjoying spectacular views, the Sterling Vineyard’s Winery is another place to be. In this hilltop winery, the aerial tram takes you to a captivating ride through the mountains and grasslands, offering you one of the best sights in the valley along with premium quality wines of your choice.

There are countless fun things to do in Napa Valley. Rent a mountain bike from a Napa Valley company such as The Napa Valley Bike Tours and go peddling through a big network of roads through lush green grasslands, or pay a visit to the Napa Valley Aloft for a memorable and enchanting hot air balloon flight offering you some alluring sights of the valley that you’ll never forget.

While in the Napa Valley, visit the Bothe-Napa Valley State Park.  It covers approximately 2000 acres of woodlands, it offers you a memorable hiking experience. Wander around and experience the natural forest fragrance which is more like a manifestation of nature itself, at the State Park.

For a thrilling artistic tour, visit Castello di Amorosa which is a castle carrying an architectural framework dating back to the 13th century. This castle is a pure delight for arts, architecture, and history enthusiasts in particular. The castle houses a total of 107 rooms spread over 8 floors both below and above the ground. It contains a torture chamber which hosts a real Iron Maiden, said to be approximately 400 years old. This castle is also a prime interest to wine lovers as apart from being an architectural wonder, it is also an exclusive winery offering a rich range of wines.

Moreover, the Napa Valley is specifically famous for its food and top-end restaurants. A repaired ancient train runs through the grasslands in the country on an extensive track. This wine train offers premium quality organic food and is more like a mobile restaurant. It pairs wines and entree’s, and is a fun option to try several wines.

Napa Valley is a very enjoyable place to visit, especially if you are very fond of wine and consider yourself a wine lover.

Note: wine tasting can be pretty pricey. A wine tasting can range from $20-$60 per person, per winery. Make sure to do your homework and a little research on which wineries you’d like to visit. Also, how do you want to get to the wineries: car, tour, taxi, Uber.  I would recommend Uber.  A tour is expensive and does not include the price of the tastings.  Driving is expensive and you really do not want to drink and drive, that could result in a memorable end to a vacation and not in the positive way. So, I suggest you take Uber. It is quick, very reasonable and hassle free.

Enjoy your time in Napa. Whether you ride a bicycle, take a hot air balloon, visit the State Parks or enjoy the wine, you are definitely going to enjoy yourself and have a magnificent experience.

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