I am always ready and open to listen to new travel tips. How about you? I have 3 great travel tips I think you may be interested in.

Travel Tips

Travel Tips:

  • Disposable underwear and socks
  • Leaving your clothes behind
  • Having a luggage scale in your bag

Now, the first two may sound weird or foreign to you, but hear me out.

Disposable underwear – who would have thought right?  Well, they are extremely reasonably priced, pretty comfy and even come in an array of colors. You can buy them on average about .40 cents a pair.

You can find socks at almost half that price.

Your laundry bag will be less full and smell more bearable.

Leaving some of your clothes behind, either for housekeeping or drop them off at a charitable organization.

travel tips

I learned this tip from a friend of mine. Of course you will take some of your favorite articles, wear them and bring them home with you.

But in some instances, when planning a big trip in the future, you can start saving your clothes for that trip. I am constantly doing this. I save these clothes in a suitcase or in a section of my closet that I know I will take on that next trip to leave behind.

I also buy inexpensive clothes at garage sales, second hand stores, and Goodwill for this sole purpose.

I think these two are brilliant ideas. You come home with less weight to carry or more room in your bags for purchases and gifts to bring home. You also come home with a lot less laundry to care for.

Purchasing a little handheld luggage scale is another great tip. I have been in an airport going through my cases and deciding what to throw away instead of having to pay an extra baggage fee.

Travel Tips

I will not do that again. It is embarrassing, stressful, and time consuming. Whether you decide not to leave any of your clothes behind and/or buy things to bring back, it is always good to know how much your bags weigh. I know I like to know, so I won’t be put in that position again. They are reasonably priced, very small and save you so much peace of mind.

I hope you like my travel tips and hope you are planning a new Adventure in the near future.

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