How about some staycation ideas? Not able to take a long vacation this summer, need or want to save money, want a “getaway” but don’t want to spend time and added expenses on travel and hotel rooms? I like this idea, don’t you?

Staycations are becoming more and more popular with many people. What is a staycation?

Staycation Ideas

A staycation is when you stay home for “vacation”. You do fun activities within driving distance, sleeping in your own home at night. You may make a day trip, visit local tourist sites, museums, go to places in “your own backyard” so to speak that you haven’t visited before or in a while. You also can dine out and try new restaurants. This can save lots of money on hotels, rental cars and/or airfare. Here are some fun staycation ideas.

Staycation Ideas

  • amusement parks
  • water parks/pools
  • local tourist attraction(s)
  • sporting event
  • lakes and fishing
  • horseback riding
  • zip line
  • museums and art galleries
  • relaxing at home
  • try new restaurants

Staycations are becoming more popular. It can be quite expensive to travel alone, let alone a family of 4 or more. You will save lots of money in the long run.

You and you family could all brainstorm and think of something each wants to do on your staycation.

Big city or small town I’m sure there are many things you can think of that you haven’t seen or done.

Perhaps a baseball game or soccer game, a museum or art gallery, there are lots of amusement parks all over the country, even if it is a small carnival coming to a nearby town.

I love to try new restaurants. On one of our staycations we woke up each morning and tried a new breakfast or brunch spot we had heard or read about.

Amusement Parks 

You may  not live close to either of the Disney giants but there are many cool amusement parks out there. Here is a list of amusement and theme parks, there has to be one near you. There are hundreds of them.

As a kid I loved going to Six Flags and I know there are at least a dozen or more around the country.

There are several water parks too. Here is a list of water parks per state. A fun thing to do on a hot summer day.

Staycation Ideas

Local Tourist Attraction(s)

I’m sure there are many great things to do and see in or close to where you live.

Perhaps you have to make it a day trip to see one or two.

Whether it is a sports attraction, an Arboretum, a Museum, a special shopping district, the largest ball of twine, or a world famous ice cream, I’m sure you will be able to find a fun thing to do, visit or revisit. Make sure to take pictures.

Here is a list of a few popular tourist attractions by state.

Sporting Event

Take in a game, whether it be baseball, soccer, hockey, football or any other sport, depending on the season.

If there isn’t a major league team in your area, how about a farm team; sometimes those games can be more fun, with more crowd participation. A smaller venue can be a fun, family friendly event.

Staycation Ideas

Lakes and Fishing

Visit a nearby lake. Make a picnic and enjoy the day. Perhaps you live near an area where you may be able to rent a canoe or pontoon boat. You can get some exercise in as well as fun.

If you like to fish this can be a fun excursion with the kids. There are lot of fun things you can do on or near the water. Maybe you can even make one of your nights a camping night.

Staycation Ideas

Horse Back Riding/Zip Lining/Something new

Maybe try something new, Zip lining is fun, maybe you’ve never ridden a horse and have always wanted to.

How about the up and coming new fun thing, indoor skydiving. You can always do a little research and find a Groupon on just about anything.

I’m sure you and your family can think of something fun and new you’ve wanted to try and haven’t yet. This is a perfect opportunity to do so. Get out and try a new adventure.

Museums and Art Galleries

Have you always said you’d go to your local museum and have yet to do so?

I personally like to go to one of our Art Galleries in town every so often, since they have new exhibits often. I also like to walk around and see new and older art. Give the kids a little culture. You all may enjoy and learn something new.

Relaxing At Home

This is ALWAYS a good one.

How about each night someone picks a movie and what you eat that evening.

Cuddle up with a good read, catch up on a series you’ve been wanting to see, sun bathe in the afternoon, write a few letters, the list is endless of what you can do at home. I like to get out and about but also can be a homebody. I like to chill at home.

Try New Restaurants

Another one of my favorites, I love to try new restaurants. Fine dining, casual, bar food, breweries, you name it, it is fun to try new things. I always do a little research and try to get people’s take  and read reviews before I try them out.

So, whether you can’t take a lot of time off work for a long vacation, saving up for a big trip at a later date, or just want to try something new, a staycation is a great, fun, less expensive alternative. Do a little research, ask your family or friends what they’d like to do on staycation and you can plan a great adventure at home.

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