Show your appreciation to others. Thank you notes still go a long way.  It shows good character, etiquette and manners.

It is very important to send thank you notes.



It is important to write thank you notes:

  • To an employer for any gift, opportunity, or bonus.
  • To friends and family for gifts and parties
  • To anyone you believe went above and beyond


Teach your children to give of themselves by writing notes to thank others for gifts. There is no downside in writing a thank-you note.  Some people expect them, some people find it rude not to receive one, and some will find it a joy and be very touched to get one.

It is important to learn as children and will be more important to them as they grow into adults.  It builds good character and people will remember.

I remember my mom sitting us down at the kitchen table after Christmas and our birthdays to write a thank-you note to Grandma and our Aunts and Uncles.  It was instilled in us as young children and is still with me to this day. I know how important it is.

With today’s technology: phone, text, email, and countless apps, I believe there is no excuse not to contact someone for a quick thank you.

I cannot stress enough how important and simple it is to thank someone. But, a hand written thank-you note goes a very long way, it shows a lot of character, great manners, and shows you appreciate others. It may get them to appreciate you a little more as well.

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