When I plan a trip to Las Vegas, there are many factors to consider, one being which Las Vegas hotel should I pick?

Other things to think about:

  • Should I rent a car?
  • What all do I want to do while in Vegas?
  • Should I stay on or off The Strip?

The most important thing to decide is if you want a Las Vegas hotel on or off the strip.

Las Vegas Strip

Hotels In Vegas: On The Strip vs. Off The Strip

If you stay on The Strip you can walk to most everything:

  • Casinos
  • Shows
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping

Make sure you see the fountain shows at the Bellagio and check out the Vegas eye in the sky, The High Roller, Ferris Wheel where you can see all of Vegas for miles. My favorite time is while the sun is setting, a gorgeous sight.

 If you stay off The Strip you can save money in these ways:

  • Las Vegas hotel
  • Cab fare is cheaper than a car rental
  • Gambling slots are looser

It all depends on if you rent a car or not while you are visiting. My favorite thing is the best of both worlds — renting a car, gambling at Station Casinos, (locals say the slots are looser), then walking The Strip at night for the excitement of seeing what Vegas has to offer.


The Bellagio, Bellagio Water show

Las Vegas View High Roller, Las Vegas Nightview


Before You Go…

Be sure to do your homework and look for deals before you go.  You can find a flight, hotel, and a rental car all in one great package.

Also, for more savings, go to Vegas Sunday through Friday.  It is not as busy and you can avoid some of the masses.

Enjoy your trip, save a little on the planning so you can spend some cash as you roll the dice in Las Vegas.  Hope you have a great time.

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