A fan is something every hotel room needs, especially when there is no air-conditioning in the building.  I thought it was funny when we arrived to our Bed and Breakfast in Inverness, Scotland where there seemed to be “no” fans or air conditioning, we asked for a fan for our room. We were told “Scots don’t use fans or air conditioning.” I stated we were able to get a fan in both our Edinburgh and Aberdeen Bed and Breakfast rooms, and hoped we could get one here? Nope, he said, as we saw he had one in his personal room. We said we’d purchase one. Again he said no you won’t be able to find one in all of Inverness. He was right, we looked everywhere.   It cooled down and we were fine, I just thought the whole conversation silly.  Especially when he catered to many Non Scots daily who may enjoy  a fan  in their room. Ever hear of Amazon? A small fan is efficient and a battery operated fan is great because it can be used in every country.  fan

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